The Colorado Medieval Festival is along the flood plain of the Big Thompson River, the festival site is located on acreage of field grass.  The Savage Woods, LLC, a small-family owned company has made reasonable accommodations to the location of the festival, however concreting, paving or making accommodations that are more permanent is disproportionality costly for this temporary event.  At this time, the festival site is a mixture of mulch and dirt. As the festival becomes more established, so will the amenities and accommodations at the festival site.   

Please no pets. This policy will be STRICTLY ENFORCED.  A dog whose sole purpose is to provide emotional support, comfort, or companionship is not a service animal and it will be excluded from the property.  It is a crime under Colorado’s criminal code to intentionally misrepresent that an animal is a service animal or to intentionally misrepresent that a person is entitled to a service animal so please leave your pet at home.

Please note- Service animals for persons with disabilities, as defined under the ADA are not pets.