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Ticket Youth and Srs Day

Youth and Seniors Day pass special. Ages 7 to 17 and over 64. (Friday, Saturday or Sunday)

Purchase your tickets online and save time at the gate. Registered members can use coupons from mailings for extra savings. (Special coupons entered in later steps)

Price: US$8.00

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Burgesses Sponsor Package
Sponsorship type: Business
Co-Sponsor of Children's Fantasy Glade Area
Hosted by Medieval World, USA
Not-for-profit (may be tax deductible)

Download paper (PDF) sponsor info here.

Price: US$500.00


Welcome to our Online Registration and Sales

Started in 2005 by dedicated volunteer members that want to bring you and your family a Medieval Festival in Northern Colorado. Our goal is of creating a year around permanent living history site, offering a family friendly assembled heritage landscape (living history site) of the Middle Ages with educational entertainment and fun for the whole Family.


(Friday- 12pm to 6pm, Saturday - 10am to 6pm, Sunday - 10am to 6pm)

*Notice: Tickets must be purchased at the Toll Gate on the event site. Online tickets will not be available to the event site staff after June 1st.

Register and receive event updates and special offers via e-mail throughout the year.

Our goal is in striving to maintain a high level of entertainment, educational outreach, public interest and professional standards in maintaining the theme (providing the impression of being in and encounter the period of the middle ages) for all of our guests, all applicants who would like to be part of the Colorado Medieval Festival, may register online using our online merchant, entertainer and volunteer links.

NOTE: Participant space may be limited and will granted by the to only those who meet management approval. All applicants will be reviewed for product quality, product line, vendor & booth adherence to the middle-age period theme as determined by the management and carefully selected at the sole discretion of Colorado Medieval Festival.

Gaming concession Gaming concession
Gaming concession are any variety of fun, fair, and challenging games of skill. Including those who operate game booths, game concessions or midway concessions, amusement rides, fun houses, side shows. One such game per registration. Each game/concession shall be registered separately. Terms & Conditions (TC's) Having problems, get HELP
Your cost: US$125.00
Value: US$250.00

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Ticket Adult day Ticket Adult day

Adult day pass special. Over 17 years. Includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday entry.

Purchase your tickets online and SAVE MONEY and time at the gate. Registered members can use coupons from mailings for extra savings. (Special coupons entered in later steps)

Your cost: US$13.00
Value: US$15.00

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